I create and build user oriented websites that are beautiful, serve a purpose and communicate with people on an emotional and personal level making the experience feel rich and consistent and yet simple and familiar.

The work that I do is a reflection of my beliefs and it is part of my expression. I’m very enthusiastic about every new project and meeting new people who want to do business and learning about them.

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The Club website works as a hub where you can check your profile and view your Ubisoft games.

Check all the rewards available for your games and how you can earn more XP, units and badges.

You can see and compare your friends activities and personalized leaderboards.

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What are other professionals saying about me

Daniel is very talented, open, communicative and it is an absolute pleasure to work with him. I have yet to meet someone so curious and interested in understanding your concerns and solving your problems, with a positive attitude towards criticism and so efficient in having the work done. I am sure that any organisation that brings him on will not only be impressed by his talent, but also by his work ethic and lively atmosphere he brings to the team.

Andreea Baloi Academy Operations Lead UIPath

Daniel is one of those guys that not only gets it done, he is one of those guys who gets it done faster and better then any expectations that you had. Has great aesthetic eye, strong communication skills and the ability to hand-code HTML and CSS in a way few people understand. I have no doubt he will be a valuable asset to any design or development team.

Adrian Chiran DesignerAdobe

Daniel was a continuous pleasant surprise since the first day we started working together. Problem solving oriented, proactive and focused, all based on good technical background, he was the team player any project manager is looking for, especially on very complex project and demanding client as the one we had the chance to work together.

Radu Puchiu State Secretary Governement of Romania

Ridiculously efficient. I had the pleasure of working with Daniel on several projects, for more than two years, and I was impressed with how he tackles projects in a creative and also pragmatic way. He's also a sociable guy and building relationships with him is easy...

Andrei Mihăilescu Digital Strategist Digital Ink

I've been working with Daniel on the Vodafone account for 8 months and he was one of the pillars of this whole operation. He's very professional, fast and detail oriented about how stuff should work and feel. He has great design skills and very clean, elegant and optimized html/css code skills that will make him a valuable asset to any team.
Working with Daniel is a pleasure due to his dedication and determination for quality work.

Andreea Pupaza Account Manager IdeologIQ